Good, Better...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life is ever-evolving.  One day you think you have an idea of what the future holds, and the next it totally changes.  I am learning flexibility.  Seems like a simple concept, expect harder to embrace.  I just keep telling myself, "stay loose, stay loose"... not in an immoral way, but in my flexible minded way.

What are your better things that are falling together?

I am finding that when we let go of others expectations, we see clearly what we need to accomplish in our own life.



Friday, March 8, 2013

This song = PERFECTION....listen to it over and over and over again--River. Imagine Dragons.
(no video, just the song--its all you need)


Filling gaps

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pregnant Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Brain Moment, She Hinted She Is Having A Girl!

I love this first picture of Kate emerging from her morning sickness.  Soo Gorgeous.  I was so interested to see what she was wearing, of course, but my first thought was how beautiful she always, always is.  And then I thought, she must have needed  a little extra coverage with this dress to fill the "gap".

I think we can all relate to filling gaps.  So many dresses have tons of potential, and then there are often these little "gaps" that need to be filled.  You  know when your Momming it, and busy and free shows aren't an option.

So what's your good solution to filling your wardrobe gaps?