Anticipation...its making me wait

Friday, April 26, 2013

When I do things that are nerve-racking, I get this anxious pit in my stomach, my heart starts beating faster, I can't think clearly and I start to worry with anticipation....fairly typical, I think?  So, my question is this--Why do I get the exact same feelings--and even worse, when I watch my kids do nerve-racking things?

Like trying to qualify in the 800m, this weekend, for example.  I mean, its my daughter, not me.

Instincts, I guess.
And because I have a Mother badge, those instincts come full throttle...sort of like when you're nursing and you "let down" when you hear a baby cry-- and other weird mom stuff like that.  I decided that those feelings come mostly when I see my kids set goals and work so hard to accomplish things in their young life, I start wanting it for them just as much.  I want to see them succeed.  Not because they have to, or because I want them to, but because they want to...its exciting and crazy stressful and fun.

And then sometimes in life, you miss it by 4 seconds--and its still great, because life is about working hard, setting goals and not always reaching them, but walking away knowing you gave it everything you had...over and over again.

What goals are you not reaching, but walk away satisfied?


Where there's a Will

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Overcoming obstacles can be super intimidating.  Trust me, I know.  But when you are 2 years old and you watch your older brother swing with delight from that rope swing--you want a piece of the action.

Well, take it from Henry.  It takes some ingenuity, a plan and precise execution.

I love that smile...

What obstacles are you waiting to take on?  Get creative.  Make a plan.  Do it.
{look at the joy that's waiting on the other side}



Monday, April 22, 2013

I have been looking for this Annie M jewelry that I made last year since Thanksgiving.

And I finally found it! Whoowho!

Now, when I say I have been looking...I mean I have been racking my brain,  tracing my steps, searching through boxes and praying to remember where I could have possibly put this jewelry...ahh! Thank you and Hallelujah!  I am not going crazy, I mean not entirely...

Now, you are probably wondering where I found it?  The answer might surprise you when I tell you in my kitchen pantry, exactly where I put it when we moved in last year.  Crazy and clever, don't you think?  When I texted my friend to tell her I FOUND it!  She said, "but of course!! Where else do we keep things that are delicious?!!"

So true, and sweet.  Thanks for being so patient, Cheryl.

All about the paint

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is it about face painting at a carnival?  It makes you want to stand in line for 30 minutes just to have some lines drawn on your face.  The idea of having the perfect mustache transforms a little 2 year old into a real Italian sinore.  And a grown 7 year old into a real live cheetah.  Its exciting and thrilling and it just feels right....but the minute we walk in the door, "this stuff is itching my face like caraaazy!, Mom--get it off!"

I love it.
This got me thinking--What am I willing to wait for in my life that I immediately disregard?  Is it a waste of time? Or is the experience worth the wait?


Browsing....May 2012

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just some browsing in some of my favorite magazines....and some getting some inspiration along the way too...yippee!

Traditional Home. May 2012

I am loving these horse ribbons...they seem to be everywhere lately...I love how classy and contemporary they look here framed with a simple frame, and the dark matte makes it.  Especially in a really cool grouping of nostalgic pictures and memorabilia.  I always love pulling together pieces that feel masculine, well-traveled and sophisticated for my boys rooms and dens.  I love the richness it creates.

I am in LOVE with prints right now!  The long 70's style maxi dress...perfect.  It looks and feels, soft, feminine--and approachable.  I would totally wear the cardigan and some great wedges.  The hair pulled back is a really contemporary feel to this look.

Country Living. May 2013

Again, horse ribbon, great. Another perfect application.

LOVE this grouping!  The vintage music sheets with the frame and mount is such a perfect vignette (I actually wish the frame was a bit bigger in relation to the grouping, but...).  This could be used anywhere really.  In a little space, or for a cool wedding or party....Love it!

OK.  Genius.  This is right up my ally!  I need a bundle of big coffee table books, and one with these secrets hiding inside...a big spot for the remote and a little one for the apple TV remote....

The large-scale layers are pretty awesome.  I wish I had this door and eagle right now.  They are soo cool paired together!  Again, I love the masculine pieces that add strength and drama to a room.

Slider "barn doors" are going crazy right now.  They are everywhere.  I think this is a cool idea in a bathroom setting with the glass.  I am also, ca-razy for hanging maps right now! I love the texture and colors in a room--the backwards books add some interest in a clever way...

Now, what can you dream up in your own home to make it your own?  Make a secret remote book, buy a map or switch those books around?

Sometimes making little changes can bring you tons of happiness in your everyday life....try it.


Annieism #1 Buy What you Love...

Friday, April 12, 2013

jewelry: Personal + Annie M monogram bracelet.  dish: yard sale .25

I have many philosophies on many, however, I will focus on just one.  I call this my first Annieism--Buy what you love.  This does not mean buy everything you see (and say, "I LOVE this"), or buy things you cannot afford, or buy things that will make your husband really angry (always proceed with caution in this category--fyi: not worth it.).

What I do mean is this: buy the blouse that you love, because it flatters your best features and the color makes your eyes radiate.  Buy the shoes that speak to you, the lines are flattering to your leg, the heel height is perfectly manageable.  Buy the striped vintage dish at the yard sale that makes you happy when you look at it (pictured above).  Buy the set of postcards that are so cool and different.  Buy the lipstick that makes your skin glow and updates your look for the new get the idea.

I know, I know, its stressing you out already!  Listen-- this is how unique, personal creativity and style happens.  It's right inside all of us.  As you gather all the things that you love, and put them together in your own special way--it becomes you!  It always, always, always works.  In your wardrobe, you will find the exact skirt to wear with your new blouse and the perfect outfit to wear with those shoes.  In your home, the vintage dish is a perfect place to set your jewelry and enjoy everyday, and those postcards will make a cool collage.  And don't forget that lipstick... it's the cherry on top every morning of every day! -- All of the items that have meaning to you become a collection of who you are...and it is always Perfect.

What was the last thing you bought that you loved?  Do you still love it today?  Look around and decide if the things that surround you make you happy or are just stuff and things?


I'm lookin right at the other half of me...JT

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OK, OK.  I've got to confess.  I am Loving JT and this song right now, and I can't seem to get enough of it!....There. I said it.

So, this version is pretty much awesome....I love the old school big band vibe. Watch it, you will become a major fan! (like me)...."Cause I don't want lose you now...."


Allowing yourself

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have realized lately that so often I am focused on improving and growing instead of focusing on what is right in front of me.  Everything I need, I already have inside of me--I just need to trust whats already in my heart and mind....and start moving forward in a way that's right for me.  Developing talents, taking on projects, and loving the life God gave me.

Who have you always been?
Whats already inside you?

Start focusing more on what you want to become, and focusing less on people and things you can't control.  See what happens.


Hows this working?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love the striped shirt under the dress!!!

So, I really like this look.  I like the stripes layered under the dress with the jacket.  It changes up the typical black dress and adds a bit of casualness (is that a word?)-- but better than that, I love adding a pattern into an outfit to change things up.  It's perfect for fall and winter, and transitions so perfect for spring and summer. I love the idea of this extending the life of many dresses that would otherwise stay in the closet for off seasons.

But, my question is this:  How is this working?  Where is the bottom of that shirt, SJP?  What is it tucked into?

How does one manage all those layers?  What is the solution?