A Woman's Closet

Friday, May 31, 2013

What is it about closets, and especially a woman's closet?  Is it the symmetrical lines, or rows of orderly clothes and special shelves for shoes?  Is it the familiarity of those things that are a part of our everyday life.  Is it that space in our home, that is uniquely our own?

Closets are those small spaces that have a really important job and, really, the many variations on how to keep our personal things orderly is endless....I am always inspired.

Our closets are one of our most private spaces.   I know for me, I have had creative bursts in my closet,  I think in my closet sometimes, I've shed tears in my closet out of desperation and frustration, I hide presents in my closet, and I've argued with my husband in our closet--so let just say, I'm pretty sure those walls have seen it all.  Literally.

But really, how we keep our closets are a reflection of where we are in our lives--for good or not so good.  Sometimes chaotic {o.k., o.k., for me a lot of the time}, or orderly, or somewhere in between...

What is your closet saying about you?--Whew. You are one busy lady? Or something else?


Are slips back in style?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've noticed for quite sometime {several years, actually} that slips were pretty hard to come by in stores.  Not to mention, even more scarcely used at *opportune* moments....so, I started to wonder....have slips gone out of "style"?  I mean, slips seem to be, in many ways a matter of function, not fashion.

The evolution of a slip is interesting.  Necessary in every girl and woman's wardrobe until about the 70's.  The introduction of more pants, and freer flowing dresses moved women away from the traditional petticoat.  Over the years, a slip became less and less frequent evolving into clothing manufactures adding linings and slips into clothing--so an obvious lack of demand occurred.

But, regardless of the history of a slip--one thing my mother taught me was to always do a "light" check before leaving the house.  This was to make sure that when I was in the sunlight, I would not be that girl....
Are slips back in style?  I hope so.... www.versiebyanniem.com #versie #versiebyanniem #versieslip
{Oh dear, Jen--2011.  I m sure glad this wasn't me.  My mom would have killed me.} 

Now a days, literally the last few months, my how things are changing....I have been noticing a ton on intentional slip use, and I like it.  It's feminine. I'ts really classy and sophisticated, if it's done correctly.  Louis Vuitton and Valentino are some major designers that were using lace on hems to add the look of a slip, but an updated version.  I love it.

Love this slip showing....Blake Lively in Valentino #versiebyanniem #slip

layered with a showing slip to add texture and styling elements.

So, if sophisticated femininity is your goal...I think you know what to do.  If you want to be daring and try something fashion forward, add a little more interest right along that hem line--a pretty slip will work like a dream.

You are a vision, already...because a lady always wears a slip.


Looking for Light

Monday, May 27, 2013

I love good lighting.  The scale, shape and finish are so key to any good room design.  I love fixtures that are a tiny bit over-sized, so to add drama.  You always notice a disproportionate light fixture {either way too big--or an unfortunate, too, too tiny}.  So enjoy the luminous effect of good lighting...it feels really good.

lighting, yellow tulips, & gray cabinets with curtains.

Love this lanturn. Scale, color  www.versiebyanniem.blogspot.com

love these light fixtures!

drum chandelier

lighting. hyde. closet  www.versiebyanniem.blogspot.com

love this chandelier. scale. Bed-divine.

And since we're on the topic...indulge me a moment.
You know the old saying, "misery loves company"?  Well, I hate to say it {out loud}, but it's true.

Misery does love company.  {Stay with me here...}  And you know, why shouldn't it?  It really does make sense.  Negative people talk about negative things and, if you're feeling down and frustrated or disappointed--there's acceptance there.  It kind of feels good to commiserate...at least, in the moment.

But, before we get too far down depression lane--I would like to mention that the opposite methodology works like a charm.

It's unbelievable.  Light attracts light, or better said, light cleaveth unto light.  I've spent some time thinking about this situation.  I've been on both sides of the spectrum, for sure.  Here's what I've found.  It's pretty simple.  When I am in or around negative conversations, it totally drains my energy.  It is literally exhausting.  I leave tired, unsettled and grouchy.  Nothing has been fixed or solved.  It's actually really discouraging.

Yet, on the other hand, when I am in super positive conversations, about anything really, it just feels good.  It feels better.  I leave feeling like I want to be better.  I actually love that.  I crave that now.  I look for opportunities to have positive interactions....whether it's complimenting someone, looking for the good in a given situation or focusing on acknowledging the many blessings in my life and others.  It just feels right, and I like it.

So, I've often said--"I'm tired of listening to myself complain" {literally and figuratively}, and then, I decided this---If I find myself complaining about something, either do something about it or be quiet.  And so, I will.

Now, go be the light that everyone wants to cleave to.  Flip the switch.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Street Style from NYFW:Mixing the patterns

muted leopard print pants

that chair

Dress...shoes.. hair

Colorful and not overdone.

leopard coat

Gold Metallic Cheetah Zip iPad Case

Someday, when I'm a crazy old lady, I will indulge myself in a batshit mad leopard print sofa.

Haute Hippie Cheetah Print Fur Jacket

cheetah leopartd lucite tray diy

Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print

Leopards me-ow--don't they?  

So, I'm sort of partial to my leopard prints. And you know, why not?  Always timeless.  Classic.  Sophisticated.

Now, if you're like me, you can be a bit obsessive with the things that you love.  So, a word of caution--you can have too much of a good thing.  Be careful.  There is a fine line between stunning and scary in a blink.

I like to do leopard  like this...large pieces {jackets, pants and dresses or sofas and chairs} pair with solids.  Keep the look really clean and sophisticated.

When using leopard in smaller pieces {shoes, tops, handbags, belts and scarves or pillows, lampshades and trays} get a little adventurous--pair them with fun prints or large stripes, and use the leopard as a pattern accent.  It becomes unexpected and adds a layer of richness and sophistication.

And lastly, two things.  #1- Use a discerning eye when buying leopard pieces.  I have found fantastic pieces {from Target to Neimans}, but more often I come across ones not so fantastic...so, choose wisely.  #2 - Never, Never pair two leopard pieces together.  They never match--even if they are the same, I promise.{Unless they are throw pillows, in which case, I will allow}.  

So, how will you channel your inner feminine feline?...In your home or out and about or both?...Me-ow.


Tie her up with a Bow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This girl?  Well, she's my girl.  And I'm her mom.

Let's just say, I'm pretty lucky.  And luck doesn't even describe the gift that she is to me.  She is my oldest, a joy, a blessing and my friend.

So, what's with a bow?  It actually was a creative fix to a sweater that was "too long" and was collecting dust in my girl's room.  We actually love using ribbon to change things up.  A well-used piece of ribbon can make an outfit fun, whimsical and different.

I like to buy a yard and half of pretty silk fabric and cut my own ribbon strips on the bias.  These cuts give you beautiful ribbon strips that stretch (because of the bias cut).  The edges are a little raw, but don't ever fray.  I can cut them all different thicknesses and use them on gift packages, necklaces and as darling ties.

Ready for a little change to give a big impact?  Tie a silk Bow.


The Magic of Maxi

Monday, May 20, 2013

Valentino, fall 2013


everyday chloe


Rachel Zoe

t-shirt maxi dress

pretty #maxi

Valentino 2013.


Tiffany blue - mylusciouslife.com - Tory Burch Spring 2012

What is the magic of a maxi?  
It's all about the illusion...

"Love can sometimes be magic.
But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion." {-Javon}

So, I say---go with it...have some fun with it. 
Maxi dresses invoke immediate elegance, sophistication and a return to femininity...its lovely and powerful.  Can you feel it?  Can you see it?  It's simple and beautiful--not to mention comfy, easy and effortless.  And  really, most importantly, a maxi doesn't judge--only loves and embraces your curves and makes everything all right--no matter your shape or size.

Here's the key--alright, 3 keys: Great shoes {to be sure you are not sweeping the floor behind you--not attractive}, Fantastic accessories and seriously ladies, a Slip.

So, do you believe in magic?  Well then, create it...

{and because I can't resist--notice the waistlines...natural waist or on the hips--I bet we will be seeing a lot of these very soon....I love it.}


Decisions. Decisions.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Elaine Dalton

You know how you make decisions about a lot of things every day.  When to get up, what to wear, what to do with your hair, what needs to get done, etc.  Sometimes it's just easy.  I know exactly what I'm doing and I've got things figured out...

Sometimes it goes a bit deeper.  What are the things in my life I've really decided?  Well, that goes more like... Have I committed to a daily ritual, of sorts?  Exercise, eating healthy, learning, studying, preparing, planning, etc.  These rituals become habits, and typically (if you are anything like me) get thrown off here and there.  I get distracted easily and like to change things up a bit, sometimes I lose sight of these tasks.  But, over time, things always seem to circle back...

And then there's the stuff I've really, really decided.  The things I've already decided.  My values.  My role as a Woman and Mother.  The people I want to surround myself and let influence me.  Who I truly want to be... and especially, Whose I want to be.  Sometimes, even as an adult, we forget.  We forget that since we think we've already decided, that we don't need to take inventory.  We get lost in all the stuff constantly bombarding us.  We start valuing things of really no value.  We get lost in all the noise of music, magazines, t.v., pinterest--and we think we are still on the right track.  We lose our focus.  And then, when we take a moment (or sometimes five), we look around and realize we have veered a bit, not a ton, but enough...

So, this is for me and all those who need that little reminder, of the things we've already decided--and maybe need to re-decide, once again.

What side of the line will you be on?  Take a moment, evaluate and decide.