Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Whose opinions mean the most to you in your life?

We all crave acceptance and reassurance--no matter who we are--and sometimes it may feel like a black hole that is really hard to fill.

Recognize that when we look for acceptance and approval from external sources--it will NEVER fill us up!

So, decide today to rely on God for His approval, love, acceptance and guidance.  He is waiting to fill you up to overflowing!

I promise...


Belated Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How is the foundation of your heavenly home looking?

Have you begun the work on your footings and foundation {the most important part} yet?

Our life's purpose is to begin the construction of our heavenly home...and to love every step of the way--even when its hard.


You already know the architect, or at least, He knows you very well.  Let Him show you all that your mansion can become...

Just start asking questions, and then listen for the answers.


Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Because it's Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to share:

14 Steps to Lay Your Foundation.  And Love It...

1.  Make a decision to discover your purpose and live an insanely fulfilled life--once and for all...for YOU, and no one else.
2.  Write down everything you want to become and all that is MOST important to you --EVERYTHING! {even the stuff you've never said out loud}
3.  Be honest with yourself--brutally honest.
4.  Get serious about change--I mean seriously, serious.
5.  Ask and plead for help--Pray for divine direction...this is the only advice you can trust, because He knows you best and knows all that you can become.
6.  Channel your Inner Warrior and get laser focused.
7.  Dig deep, I mean deeper than you ever thought you could dig.
8.  Pray for divine direction again and again.
9.  Commit to a life of faith...ready, set, start!
10.  You won't really know exactly what direction your headed most of the time--its OK, you're not supposed to.
11.  Focus on being in-tune--So critical to staying on the right track--stay humble, repent daily and forgive others often.
12.  Follow the breadcrumbs--they are for YOU!  So, pick them up and savor them.
13.  Give thanks to anyone and everyone in your life--they are in your life to bless you or teach you!  So, learn quickly!
14.  Be patient & Be happy about the whole process--you will never look back to what your left behind because you wont need to...


Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How much courage do you have?

So, I think of it like this:  God has for each of us, our very own spiritual shelf of gifts, blessings and talents.  Its marked with our name, and set aside for us--and only us.

And when we ask Him in humility and genuine love and desire to clear our spiritual shelf, we can have ALL that is ours...{Note:  think Black Friday--empty shelves and overflowing baskets}

But then what?  Well, we just might find ourselves insanely happy, wildly fulfilled and challenged beyond belief.

But, what if we never do?
And what if we're to scared to do the work?

Well, our spiritual shelf remains stocked and full of unopened divine potential...and we miss out on all that we agreed to accomplish...

Seriously, lets not wait another day!