Where have all the good slips gone?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I need a HERO! I'm holding out for a hero
til the morning light
Its gotta be sure
and its gotta be soon...
--Bonnie Tyler (lyrics)

Listen.  VERSIE slips are going to save you from yourself.  Now, I love the maxi dress and maxi skirt as much as the next girl, but there are just a few problems that seem pretty obvious.  Ladies, lets put on a slip...it can get pre-tty scary down there, if you know what I mean.  And I know, I know, those grandma slips aren't gonna cut it.  And goodness knows nobody wants to wear those anyway.

So, you need a Hero!?
VERSIE by Annie M is gonna save you from the morning light...

We're launching December 2013!  Yay!


A part of Me

Friday, November 8, 2013

So, VERSIE is a big part of what I feel I am supposed to be doing right now in my life.  It's interesting how the Lord works through us sometimes.  The whole process of bringing VERSIE slips to market has been a sacred experience in many ways.  I have had to find a part of me that I didn't know existed.  I have had to trust in the Lord and his timing.  I have had to lean into my fears and trust the process of being taught the things that I needed to learn.  In many ways it is very humbling, but I also feel so fulfilled.

I have struggled over the years on how to be a mom and also have a business.  I think it was a bit of that "mommy guilt" so many talk about.  I had often felt that doing both was virtually impossible, at least for me.  Not that it couldn't be done, but neither could be done very well if trying to do them simultaneously.  For me, the most important thing in my life was to teach and raise children that were positive contributors to society.  I have always felt that being a mom is the most important job, and when you have small children --they need you.  So, I would feel guilty trying to work while trying to be a mom at the same time.  I just felt like I was trying to do too much, even though there was a very big part of me that loved designing and business.  I just felt conflicted and torn.  So much so that I began to feel like I had to make a choice, and of course my family was always the most important.  So, a few years ago, I decided to stop all my projects and completely focus on being a mom....seemed really simple.

Then earlier this year, I was having a conversation with designer, Tracy Porter.  We spent some time talking, and I did a lot of learning from her.  I asked her, "How do you do it?  How do you design and have a successful design business, and still have a family and be a mom?  How do you find balance?"  Her answer hit me like a ton of bricks.  She said, "Adrienne, being a designer is just as much a part of me as being a mom.  I have to create.  It is so much a part of me that I can not separate the two.  I have to be disciplined to create time for both.  But, I'm actually a better mom, when I take the time to create and design."

I finally got it.  I could so relate to her.  I finally realized that so much of who I am is a designer.   So many of my gifts and talents lie in creating and designing.  And when I am suppressing it, to sort of fit a certain "mold" or "stereo-type", I am really unhappy--miserable, actually.  I have since learned that I really have to be disciplined to find time for both.  And thank heavens for my supportive husband, who is so willing to give me the time I need.  I feel renewed and refreshed and re-energized to be a better and happier mom to my kids when I have that time.  What a blessing.


VERSIE shoot

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Behind the scenes at a VERSIE product shoot...so much fun, and seriously we laughed the entire time!!  Thanks to gorgeous models, a talented hair and makeup artist and one amazing photographer!   Can't wait to share these images soon.

Annie M

Get on with it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Your life is a gift.  Your life has a plan.  Your life has a purpose, in Heaven it began...right?

But sometimes, every now and then, I found myself wondering-- is this all there is?  I mean, there must be more to it than this.  Day in, and day out--kids, laundry, prayer, meals, designing, husband, groceries, homework, driving, cleaning, showering, bills, lecturing teaching kids, exercise, church, friends, texting communicating with others, mommy time, and on and on.  Not that many of those things do not bring me tons of happiness and joy.  But the reality is, as a whole, sometimes it all seems to be lacking in the purpose and plan and gift part.

Here's what I've learned and am currently learning.
I finally came to a place in my life a few years ago when I decided I was tired of focusing on things that didn't really matter.  Actually, it was more like I was doing things that I thought I enjoyed, but I wasn't feeling very fulfilled when all was said and done.  I decided I needed more in my life.  I was tired of trying to find happiness in things or relationships or projects.  Exhausted from trying to make everything in my life look and be perfect, but more than that I was tired of not feeling fufilled.  I was over stressing about things I couldn't control.  I was just plain beat down--much of my own doing.  I realized instead of looking all around me for direction and purpose, I actually needed to look up.

And so I did.
I started a dialog with my Heavenly Father...  I do this.  I just sort of talk in my head like I'm having a conversation sometimes demanding things and sometimes arguing with Him {I know, bad, right? Im sort of stubborn}.  I just finally said, "you know what, I'm tired of looking for happiness in meaningless things.  I seem to not be able to figure it out on my own. So, I just want to be doing what you want me to do.  Could I please just do that?  Please?  Whatever it is, I just want to do that.  I'm tired of not finding purpose in the things that I seem to think will.  Just show me what it is you want me to be doing right now with my life, so I can get on with it." {I'm kind of impatient, too.}

And guess what?  VERSIE is a part of that answer...yay!

So, what is it you need to get on with?  Trust me, it's so worth it to start on that path.

Annie M

VERSIE online Soon!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get ready for VERSIE to change the way you dress forever...so soon.

Annie M

Sheer Battles

Friday, October 18, 2013

hair/Randi & makeup/Mitzi

Sheer dresses and tops--love them, but hate them too...

It gets exhausting figuring out how to wear sheer without making you crazy with all the layers.  Not to mention trying to make them look classy without looking crazy.  Often they come with a slip, but seriously, the fabric and the fit, not to mention the static that happens...they are bad.

Let me vent a sec:  I have a feeling I'm not alone in saying--I'm tired of all the layers.  I'm tired of all the layers that don't work together. And I'm tired of adjusting and untwisting and fighting with the layers.  I mean, isn't it a battle?  I do not need one more thing to battle in my life...#didimentionihavefourkids

So, guess what?

VERSIE to the rescue....The yummy layering top that covers your arms and fills gaps--connected to a slip that smooths everything out and makes your life a beautiful thing!

Coming online soon, soon....stay tuned!

Annie M

Tired Yet?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

^^ Tired of Bra Lines?  See through fabrics? ^^

^^ Tired of Arms Showing ^^

^^  Bum Lines from layering shirts? ^^

^^ Tacky shoulder seems?  Dingy layering shirts? ^^

^^ Adjusting? Adjusting? Adjusting? ^^

^^  Twisting?  Creeping? Adjusting? ^^

Im tired just thinking about it.  It's time for a change.  It's time for something better...

VERSIE by Annie M is coming...to save you from yourself.

{and I can't wait for you to experience it!}

Annie M


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is a sneak peak into the latest VERSIE by Annie M action---everyday moms & girls become models for the day--so much fun and gorgeous beyond words, and so so much more to come...

And a big, big thank you to hair and makeup artists from Taylor Andrew, St. George!

Annie M


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some of the hardest times in our lives, are actually the times/opportunities that require us to look within, evaluate and to become quiet.  Then we begin to develop those parts of ourselves that need to grow.  Like muscles that have become weak and wimpy, over time as we do the daily work of making and fulfilling commitments, listening to promptings and following promptings-- we build those muscles, strengthen and fortify ourselves and our lives.  We become strong, fearless and powerful.  We come closer to who we are supposed to be with every thought, choice, decision and action....

Challenges often provide the most unnoticed growth in ourselves.  I know, because I've been doing this this past year.  It's been hard and I've complained and had a bad attitude at times, but boy have I needed these little treasures.  The blessing of being able to look at a hard situation that I didn't quite understand, and have peace.  It's a beautiful thing.  Not to mention the clarity, understanding and appreciation that I feel is precious gift.  God is good.


Perfectly Imperfect, that's me...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

imperfect people

I wrote this message a few months ago for some special young women, and today I feel I need to share a part of me with you...

Since as far back as I can remember, this is who I was expected to be... Perfect.   I was expected to look perfect.  I was expected to behave perfectly.  I was expected to have my room perfectly clean and be perfect in school.  I was expected to be the perfect young woman, sister and daughter.

Why?  Well, through my young eyes, my mother was perfect.  My family was perfect.   My life to others seemed perfect.   And so naturally, I spent my whole life in pursuit of perfection in everything--I actually thought it was something I could achieve.
It sounds exhausting, and it was.  I was actually failing miserably.  I spent many years of my life seeking after something that did not exist.  Let me explain:  I did not do well in school.  I wasn’t very good at sports.  I didn’t like musical instruments.  I wasn’t a very good dancer or gymnast.  I was chubby.  I hated to read.  I couldn’t sing.  I moved every year of high school.    I wanted more than anything to be pretty.  I wanted to be accepted.  I wanted to be outgoing and popular.  I wanted to be good at something and everything.  I wanted to be important.  I wanted to be perfect.  And guess what?  I spent all that time really frustrated, sad, depressed, discouraged and mad.  Why?  Because I wasn’t perfect, I was just me and that was not good enough.

So, what I have come to understand now, and wish, I would have understood back then was that my Heavenly Father knew me.  He really, really knew me.  He had given me a special gift.  ME.  He had a great and unique purpose for me to fulfill—something that was only mine to have.  He wanted me to do something so special, and so important, and I was the only one who could accomplish it.  The tricky part was that I was the only one who could figure it out, too.  I was the only one who could really understand that purpose. 
During those years, my Heavenly Father was so patient with me, so kind, so loving and understanding.  All along He had been there.  I realized later that He was gently guiding me.  He loved me when I didn’t love myself.  He knew who I was supposed to be, even though I wanted to be just like everyone else.  He taught me through the scriptures about my Savior.  I learned about repentance and the atonement.  He sweetly blessed me with learning and growing experiences like serving a mission and gaining an undeniable testimony of my Savior, service and love.  He led me to a kind husband and blessed me to be a mother to four beautiful children.  He taught me how to love myself and see all the goodness in me and those around me.  He waited for me to grow in faith, and He helped me understand my role as a wife and mother.  He taught me in the temple about covenants and promises.  He answered my prayers.  He continued to unfold my great purpose every day.

So, even though I was never a part of the popular group, or any sports teams or singing or dancing groups, I actually did have a team.   I was on a winning team.   It was me, my Heavenly Father, the Savoir, the Holy Ghost and all the attending angels who were cheering for me—all of them wanted to see me grow and learn and find my special purpose and win.  Win against sin, win against discouragement, win against perfection.  Win for me.  Win for my Heavenly Father, and win for the Savior of the world.
Now I understand what my purpose is.  It’s called my life.  It’s everything that I am.  It’s already inside me.  It’s always been there.  It’s my talents, my gifts, my perspective, my thoughts, my experiences, my determination and everything little thing that I needed to learn, understand and become—and I am the only one who could do the work.

So, who am I today?   I am still me….but better.   I am creative and I love design and fashion.  I am an introvert and a deep thinker.  I am a visual learner.   I love to laugh.  I love to feel the spirit.  I prefer quality over quantity in my friendships.   I love the scriptures.  I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, and I care more about what they think of me than I do anyone else.  I am my Heavenly Father’s daughter and He loves me, and I love and adore Him.   I love the sacrament.  I love being a mom and I love my life, not because it’s easy or perfect--because it’s not--but because it’s mine.  And I have worked really hard, and continue to work really hard, to figure it out –all with the help of my special winning team.

So, what’s already inside of you?  Do you understand and honor it?  If not, what are you waiting for?...........Your very special winning team is ready and waiting for you….find them, join them and start winning.  I promise you will become so much greater than even you can imagine.


image via


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What a good thought! I am always thinking of nice things to say to compliment people, but then get shy and don't say it. I am inspired by this quote to start expressing the compliments I have. I strive to make people feel good about themselves!

Oh my goodness, Thank you...that means so much to me.

Don't you love it when you get a compliment?  And I'm not talking about the trite, "Hi, you look good..." all in one breath-type compliment {because really, I don't really think those count}.

I'm actually talking about the compliments you get that are thoughtful, generous and kind.  Those compliments where that person seems to see through all your "stuff" directly into your soul.  They give you something....its like a gift.  They see a part of you that you've either forgotten or needed to remember.  It's special and meaningful, and its real.  It then becomes a part of you.  Something that you take with you your whole life.  You reflect on those words when you need to remind yourself of your greatness.

I love those compliments.

Are you waiting for more of those?  Or, are you generously giving them out?
{I need to do more of the latter}


image via pinterst

My new favorite Hobbie

Friday, August 9, 2013

I just have to share one of the funnest things I've done in a while....You've seen them around pinterest, and bridal magazines.  But, I must tell you I am in love with brooch bouquets....Here's one I just made right smack dab in the middle of packing and getting ready to move {more later} and organizing a VERSIE by Annie M photo shoot {lots more, later}.

I love the challenge of creating something incredible out of a big bag of  jewelry parts and pieces for a special bride that I've never met. #lovinglove

All I can say is--just wait, Madeline--one day that M will be for you.

Enjoy.  xo

The Stack

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm pretty partial to my bracelet stack.
Your wrist is the perfect place to jazz up any outfit.  I love layers and textures and metals all mixed together...especially mixing different scaled pieces together.  Its so fun.  It's like interior decorating, but on a mini scale--and then you get to wear it all day to remind yourself how amazingly clever, creative and awesome you are....because you are.

Now, just one note on how to do it right {or maybe a few...}
1.  Mixing the scale of your bracelets is really important to make your stack look artistic and not predictable.
2.  Too much of a good thing, well, is just too much sometimes.
3.  When wearing a good stack, take it easy on other jewelry pieces.  My rule of thumb is bracelets and statement earrings are perfect compliments--or just keep it simple and wear a good stack, like these....

arm candy

// more is more

Gold J.Crew link bracelet.

quite the arm party.

Nautical stack with Regatta & Spade bangles, Nimes cable cuff, white Derby bracelet & Nantucket charm bracelet SwellCaroline.com

Wear all your bracelets at the same time.

Annie M. monogram bracelet
Annie M. Monogram Bracelet

images via pinterest

Modern Miracles: That's not a mission...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dear Sister Wilson, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Hawaii, Honolulu Mission with a special assignment to serve in the Hawaii Temple Visitor's Center...


Laie Hawaii Temple

"That's not a mission, that's a vacation..."
I can't even count how many people have said this to me over the years.  Secretly, I am quite partial to the sunshine, palm trees, ocean air and eating.  So, in many ways it did have elements reminiscent of a sweet vacation.  I guess the real difference was that if I would have treated my mission experience like a vacation, it would not have had such an incredible impact on my life.

You know how everyone has their "story" of where they thought they would go.  Well, I have one of those.  I thought I would go to a romantic city in Europe because I thought that would be the coolest place on earth to live and serve.  I love architecture and pastries and fashion....seemed pretty simple.  I mean, the Lord already knew all those things about me, right?

Well, then I got my call and was totally surprised to find I would be going on a "vacation" mission, as many of my friends reminded me.  Of course I was super excited to serve in Hawaii {duh}, though I had no idea why I was called there, or what was in-store for me.

In short, I found out that I served a vacation mission for a few specific and special reasons just for me.  First, my Heavenly Father knew I needed to be in the sunshine.  He knew I needed my Vitamin D in order to function at my best.  He knew I needed to learn Aloha.  I needed to feel and experience the compassion, generosity and love of the islanders.  He knew there were a few people that I would be able to connect with in a powerful and important way.  Those experiences would teach me repentance, forgiveness and the sweet love of the Savior.

The single decision to serve a mission literally changed the trajectory of my life.  My vacation mission changed me.  I treasure the testimony I gained in Hawaii.  I learned the importance of teaching the gospel to my children one day.  I gained important spiritual growth and a real love of the scriptures.   I learned how to lean into my fears and trust in the Lord, even when it's scary and hard.  I especially learned the importance of finding a husband who loves the Lord...

Goodness....I could go on and on....basically, I will forever be grateful for the experiences and growth I gained in Hawaii.  The Lord actually knew me much better than I knew myself.  He knew I needed more than architecture, pastries, fashion and romantic cities-- he knew I needed sunshine, a testimony, aloha and flip flops....and I'll take it.


What do I need to do?

Friday, July 26, 2013

be extrordinary

Ever in situations and ask yourself, What do I need to do here?

I don't usually, but I did last week.  I spent sometime with family recently.  The whole situation came up really suddenly.  I hadn't spent a lot of time considering what my role was, other than my obvious willingness to help.

As time went by, I started to ask my Heavenly Father, "Why am I really here?  What is it you need me to do?  Please help me to do that, what ever that may be....".  The answer came.  I knew why I was there.  I knew what I needed to share...not words from me, but words that needed to be shared from my Heavenly Father.  I was an instrument in His hands.  I could feel it.

What a blessing it is to have moments in your life when you realize that you are more than just yourself.  That when you seek for understanding--understanding and direction is always given.  The harder part is doing it, but when you do, it just works--I love that.

So, start asking--and guess what?  Heavenly Father will start telling.


What's your Influence?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I had a few questions for myself the other day....it went like this:

Are you growing, learning and trying to be better in your life?
--Well, yes, I'm trying to.  It's hard though.

Do I have people in my life that I look up to, that inspire me to be better?
Yes, and I love those people.

Am I that person to someone in my life right now?
Umm, probably, though its hard to gauge it.  I mean, I hope that the things I feel inspired to share are meaningful.  And more importantly, that the person I am trying to be is reaching those that need my influence.

It's always interesting to me how influence is felt--sometimes a simple comment from a friend, or hearing someone's story or getting much needed advice.  It's kind of like one eternal round.  We help those that need our help and in turn, they help those that need their help....and on it goes.  I love the part that allows us to influence the people that we are meant to influence.  It's cool.

Reminds me of a time when I was feeling particularly inadequate.  I was teaching a lesson on pride {need I say more?}.  I was struggling with my own pride, not to mention trying to share a meaningful message that wasn't filled with hypocrisy--not easy, actually.  That afternoon, I was at home with my family and the phone rang.  I picked it up and it was a woman who had listened to my lesson.  She simply said, "I just wanted to call and let you know that you are just fine, Adrienne.  Stop being so hard on yourself."

Now, at first I wasn't sure how to take that little comment.  Initially, I was annoyed, thinking, "Well, I know I'm fine--quite fantastic, actually, but I don't need you to tell me that I'm just fine." {not prideful, whatsoever, right?---let's just say, I had a few more things to learn in that department...}

But later {a few years later, actually}, I realized she had delivered a message to me from my Heavenly Father.  She actually was probably annoyed at how many times I mentioned that I was the first to struggle with x, y and z, and yet---and yet, she felt inspired to deliver an important message to someone who needed to hear it.

Heavenly Father is seriously aware of us.  He sends messages to us in the craziest of ways sometimes and when we least expect it.  Sometimes we need those answers right in the moment, and sometimes they gain understanding years later.  He is so patient with us.

The truth is, looking back on those years, I wasn't feeling very fine inside.  I was struggling with maintaining a perfect facade.  I was feeling extremely unhappy with myself.  I was super critical of myself and others, and I was so focused on my outward appearance I could scarcely care about who I really was on the inside---and teaching a lesson about pride was about the most difficult thing I had done in my spiritual life.

He was letting me know through an inspired woman--that I was fine.  I didn't need to be focusing on all my imperfections.  I just needed to recognize that He had a bigger plan for me and my life.

Now, this woman has no idea of her influence in  my life, but I've never forgotten it.  She epitomizes a covenant keeping woman who was sharing her influence...pass it on.


Red, White & Blue

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July.  It's a happy day because we are a free country--and only because we have brave Americans fighting for our freedoms.  I love our country.

And I love to see our colors together, in whatever form they take....hooray for the red, white & blue...

Shingles and architecture.Tibores (aka ginger jars) from Emilia Ceramicsfreeeedom #anniemstriped bow flats // j.crewPortuguese. love the blue and whiteRL. classic americanaclassyAtlantic-Pacific: graphic gingham.
Big Style with Oversized Clutches

Let's see some fireworks & celebrate...


all photos via pinterest

Worry, Worry, Worry, or TRUST?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm a worrier.  I think about things, and then re-think about things.
I analyze every silly little detail and often go over and over things in my mind...annoying, right?

Well, here's one of those things I am learning and constantly reminding myself these days...
It goes something like this:  I can worry, and *congratulations*, I care about things and situations and decisions and people's feelings.

But really, what's the purpose?  It doesn't change anything--not one single thing.  So, I say, how about being productive?  How about using that energy towards believing and trusting in God?  How about opening myself up to God's plan for me?  How about allowing myself to be an instrument in His hands?  How about becoming the person I am meant to be?  How about focusing on being purposeful, instead of petty?

Doesn't it just feel better--less critical and controlling, and more positive and peaceful.

What change would truly trusting in God bring to your life?

So, what are you waiting for?