Sheer Battles

Friday, October 18, 2013

hair/Randi & makeup/Mitzi

Sheer dresses and tops--love them, but hate them too...

It gets exhausting figuring out how to wear sheer without making you crazy with all the layers.  Not to mention trying to make them look classy without looking crazy.  Often they come with a slip, but seriously, the fabric and the fit, not to mention the static that happens...they are bad.

Let me vent a sec:  I have a feeling I'm not alone in saying--I'm tired of all the layers.  I'm tired of all the layers that don't work together. And I'm tired of adjusting and untwisting and fighting with the layers.  I mean, isn't it a battle?  I do not need one more thing to battle in my life...#didimentionihavefourkids

So, guess what?

VERSIE to the rescue....The yummy layering top that covers your arms and fills gaps--connected to a slip that smooths everything out and makes your life a beautiful thing!

Coming online soon, soon....stay tuned!

Annie M

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