It's Confidence Time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How many times on your "dress-wearing"  or "skirt-wearing" days do you think:
Where is my slip?

And in response, you think:
Is it around my rib cage?
Is it falling down?
Is it showing?
Where is the bathroom so I can adjust it?
Will anyone see me slip behind this parked car adjusting my slip?
Why do I wear this stupid thing anyway!?

I bet many of these are familiar.

But guess what?  A VERSIE slip gives you the confidence you need!  A VERSIE isn't going put it on and its like a second skin of yumminess!

So, finally rest assured that when you put on a VERSIE, you won't have to worry or think about your slip again!  Which frees up so much time to worry about things that really matter like, treats, diapers, seatbelts, groceries and instagram feed...ha!


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