Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some of the hardest times in our lives, are actually the times/opportunities that require us to look within, evaluate and to become quiet.  Then we begin to develop those parts of ourselves that need to grow.  Like muscles that have become weak and wimpy, over time as we do the daily work of making and fulfilling commitments, listening to promptings and following promptings-- we build those muscles, strengthen and fortify ourselves and our lives.  We become strong, fearless and powerful.  We come closer to who we are supposed to be with every thought, choice, decision and action....

Challenges often provide the most unnoticed growth in ourselves.  I know, because I've been doing this this past year.  It's been hard and I've complained and had a bad attitude at times, but boy have I needed these little treasures.  The blessing of being able to look at a hard situation that I didn't quite understand, and have peace.  It's a beautiful thing.  Not to mention the clarity, understanding and appreciation that I feel is precious gift.  God is good.


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