Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm going to be really honest.
Its been one of those weeks.
I really don't know why, nothing specific is to blame.
I wish I had a profound understanding, insight or epiphany.  I don't.

Maybe you can relate?

Sometimes I feel like I get lost.  So many demands and/or expectations from myself that send me over the edge into a negative abyss.  I allow myself to drift, saturate and soak in negativity from every aspect possible. I become seriously imbalanced in so many ways.
I don't like it, but its real.

I know it won't last {thank goodness}, and it requires effort to pull myself back on track {which I loathe}, but I feel like when we listen and give all those negative voices a place to influence us, even in small ways, it always leads to a negative place.

Sometimes we're weak.
Sometimes we don't even notice.

Either way, we still end up in that yucky place.

I recently finished a book that had a phase at the end of the book felt like it was lit up in neon lights just for me:  "I'm not requiring you to understand.  I am simply urging you to obey.  For it is only when you obey that, eventually, you begin to understand."  {Read it again.}

It's profound, I know.
And it was exactly what I desperately needed to learn.

I guess sometimes in life we aren't supposed to see, or know, or understand the path we are on.
We just simply must continue.
And as we continue, the understanding begins to unfold.
The tricky part is focusing on the goodness, while blocking the negative voices, negative people and negativity in general!

So, patiently we wait to eventually understand...because eventually, we will understand everything.

Until then, have a fabulous weekend!


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