What is VERSIE by Annie M?

Friday, January 10, 2014

What is VERSIE by Annie M?
Well, VERSIE is a slip that will forever change how you dress....I promise.  Quite simply, it is a shirt attached to a slip.  The top is the fashion part which is meant to be shown off.  The bottom half is the function part that serves as a slip.  The best part is that it removes those unwanted "bum lines", extra bulk and smooths your whole body out. Yea!  VERSIE is a patent pending design and it is, well, Amazing...

So, where did the idea for VERSIE come from?
Well, after having my 4th baby, I was on  the edge of a wardrobe freak out.  Do you ever have those?  When you get dressed in the morning and spend the whole day, adjusting your shirt or straightening out your slip over and over again.  So, basically, I was frustrated and fed up.  I decided I needed a basic layering shirt that attached to a slip.   I wanted to be able to put the whole thing on and stop the madness--the adjusting, worrying and frustration.......VERSIE by Annie M was born.

Where did the name VERSIE come from?
VERSIE is simply a derivative of the word "versatile".  I wanted a slip that could work with lots of different dresses and skirts and be something I could put on, be comfortable and  forget about.  The goal was to connect fashion with function.....Finally, a slip that makes sense.

What's been the early response?
Awesome.  But don't take my word for it...here's just a little super exciting feedback I've been getting from women:
"Holy Cow! I love the way this feels!  It is soo smoothing and comfy!"
"Wow!  I could wear this with soo many dresses and skirts of mine!"
"Why hasn't someone come up with this before?? I looove VERSIE!"
"Seriously, this feels soo good on, can I buy your prototype?  I want one now!"  and much more......

What does "Lay Your Foundation. And Love It." mean?
My tag line for VERSIE is--Lay your Foundation.  And Love it.  I really believe in this message, it actually has a double meaning on purpose:

#1  VERSIE is a foundation piece that you will love.  You will love the fabrics, the fit and when you put it on--you will forget that you even have it on.  VERSIE is so comfy and easy to wear, it will make getting dressed a cinch--I promise.  I believe that when you aren't worried about whats going on underneath your clothes, you can be that much more confident--and who doesn't need that in their life!?..a-hem....I do.

#2  Lay a positive foundation for your life.  I love the saying, "when you know better, you do better", and to me this is how I *try* to live my life.   I feel a deep desire to encourage myself and other women in their individual growth and personal development.  More than just looking good on the outside, but feeling good about who you are on the inside.  We all have a different purpose to fulfill in our lives and it's between us and God to figure it out.  It is a journey of so many mixed emotions including: joy, wonder, frustration, humility and peace.  Basically, if we are progressing and growing, we seem to be happier--at least, I know I am.

My goal is to create a company that helps women with their wardrobe dilemmas, but more than that I want to connect and inspire on a deeper level that will create positive change in their lives and that's why I ship "VERSIE Verses" with each order.  I want women to feel inspired in every way I possibly can!

What's it like to work on a project like this?
I am really thrilled to be launching VERSIE.  I truly feel like it has come by way of divine inspiration and sheer determination in so many ways.  I hope to share more of my experiences very soon.  But for now, you must know that creating and developing VERSIE has been quite a journey that continues to unfold.  I hope you will join me in this process.  I want to hear from you, your thoughts, questions and comments...lets work together to make positive changes in our lives and our wardrobes.

Simple improvements to typical problems is like adding honey to butter....so simple, and boy is it tasty.


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