Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It. #LYF

Friday, January 17, 2014

Today I begin what I call:

"Lay Your Foundation Friday.  And Love it."

As you know, VERSIE by Annie M has a tagline--Lay Your Foundation. And Love It.--I feel exceptionally passionate about this message.  Not only as VERSIE relates to a perfect foundation piece in your wardrobe, but also as an important message to inspire all women to live by...

Real purpose, drive and passion in life doesn't come from idleness, easy solutions or a "perfect life"--- it comes from defining challenges, difficult choices and deep soul searching to discover your personal purpose and contribution to the world.  Basically, we innately crave progress and when we aren't growing and developing we become depressed and unhappy.

So, think for a moment, are you moving forward in your life or are you at a stand still?


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