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Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm pretty partial to my bracelet stack.
Your wrist is the perfect place to jazz up any outfit.  I love layers and textures and metals all mixed together...especially mixing different scaled pieces together.  Its so fun.  It's like interior decorating, but on a mini scale--and then you get to wear it all day to remind yourself how amazingly clever, creative and awesome you are....because you are.

Now, just one note on how to do it right {or maybe a few...}
1.  Mixing the scale of your bracelets is really important to make your stack look artistic and not predictable.
2.  Too much of a good thing, well, is just too much sometimes.
3.  When wearing a good stack, take it easy on other jewelry pieces.  My rule of thumb is bracelets and statement earrings are perfect compliments--or just keep it simple and wear a good stack, like these....

arm candy

// more is more

Gold J.Crew link bracelet.

quite the arm party.

Nautical stack with Regatta & Spade bangles, Nimes cable cuff, white Derby bracelet & Nantucket charm bracelet

Wear all your bracelets at the same time.

Annie M. monogram bracelet
Annie M. Monogram Bracelet

images via pinterest

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