What do I need to do?

Friday, July 26, 2013

be extrordinary

Ever in situations and ask yourself, What do I need to do here?

I don't usually, but I did last week.  I spent sometime with family recently.  The whole situation came up really suddenly.  I hadn't spent a lot of time considering what my role was, other than my obvious willingness to help.

As time went by, I started to ask my Heavenly Father, "Why am I really here?  What is it you need me to do?  Please help me to do that, what ever that may be....".  The answer came.  I knew why I was there.  I knew what I needed to share...not words from me, but words that needed to be shared from my Heavenly Father.  I was an instrument in His hands.  I could feel it.

What a blessing it is to have moments in your life when you realize that you are more than just yourself.  That when you seek for understanding--understanding and direction is always given.  The harder part is doing it, but when you do, it just works--I love that.

So, start asking--and guess what?  Heavenly Father will start telling.


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