Annieism #1 Buy What you Love...

Friday, April 12, 2013

jewelry: Personal + Annie M monogram bracelet.  dish: yard sale .25

I have many philosophies on many, however, I will focus on just one.  I call this my first Annieism--Buy what you love.  This does not mean buy everything you see (and say, "I LOVE this"), or buy things you cannot afford, or buy things that will make your husband really angry (always proceed with caution in this category--fyi: not worth it.).

What I do mean is this: buy the blouse that you love, because it flatters your best features and the color makes your eyes radiate.  Buy the shoes that speak to you, the lines are flattering to your leg, the heel height is perfectly manageable.  Buy the striped vintage dish at the yard sale that makes you happy when you look at it (pictured above).  Buy the set of postcards that are so cool and different.  Buy the lipstick that makes your skin glow and updates your look for the new get the idea.

I know, I know, its stressing you out already!  Listen-- this is how unique, personal creativity and style happens.  It's right inside all of us.  As you gather all the things that you love, and put them together in your own special way--it becomes you!  It always, always, always works.  In your wardrobe, you will find the exact skirt to wear with your new blouse and the perfect outfit to wear with those shoes.  In your home, the vintage dish is a perfect place to set your jewelry and enjoy everyday, and those postcards will make a cool collage.  And don't forget that lipstick... it's the cherry on top every morning of every day! -- All of the items that have meaning to you become a collection of who you are...and it is always Perfect.

What was the last thing you bought that you loved?  Do you still love it today?  Look around and decide if the things that surround you make you happy or are just stuff and things?


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