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Monday, April 15, 2013

Just some browsing in some of my favorite magazines....and some getting some inspiration along the way too...yippee!

Traditional Home. May 2012

I am loving these horse ribbons...they seem to be everywhere lately...I love how classy and contemporary they look here framed with a simple frame, and the dark matte makes it.  Especially in a really cool grouping of nostalgic pictures and memorabilia.  I always love pulling together pieces that feel masculine, well-traveled and sophisticated for my boys rooms and dens.  I love the richness it creates.

I am in LOVE with prints right now!  The long 70's style maxi dress...perfect.  It looks and feels, soft, feminine--and approachable.  I would totally wear the cardigan and some great wedges.  The hair pulled back is a really contemporary feel to this look.

Country Living. May 2013

Again, horse ribbon, great. Another perfect application.

LOVE this grouping!  The vintage music sheets with the frame and mount is such a perfect vignette (I actually wish the frame was a bit bigger in relation to the grouping, but...).  This could be used anywhere really.  In a little space, or for a cool wedding or party....Love it!

OK.  Genius.  This is right up my ally!  I need a bundle of big coffee table books, and one with these secrets hiding inside...a big spot for the remote and a little one for the apple TV remote....

The large-scale layers are pretty awesome.  I wish I had this door and eagle right now.  They are soo cool paired together!  Again, I love the masculine pieces that add strength and drama to a room.

Slider "barn doors" are going crazy right now.  They are everywhere.  I think this is a cool idea in a bathroom setting with the glass.  I am also, ca-razy for hanging maps right now! I love the texture and colors in a room--the backwards books add some interest in a clever way...

Now, what can you dream up in your own home to make it your own?  Make a secret remote book, buy a map or switch those books around?

Sometimes making little changes can bring you tons of happiness in your everyday life....try it.


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