Anticipation...its making me wait

Friday, April 26, 2013

When I do things that are nerve-racking, I get this anxious pit in my stomach, my heart starts beating faster, I can't think clearly and I start to worry with anticipation....fairly typical, I think?  So, my question is this--Why do I get the exact same feelings--and even worse, when I watch my kids do nerve-racking things?

Like trying to qualify in the 800m, this weekend, for example.  I mean, its my daughter, not me.

Instincts, I guess.
And because I have a Mother badge, those instincts come full throttle...sort of like when you're nursing and you "let down" when you hear a baby cry-- and other weird mom stuff like that.  I decided that those feelings come mostly when I see my kids set goals and work so hard to accomplish things in their young life, I start wanting it for them just as much.  I want to see them succeed.  Not because they have to, or because I want them to, but because they want to...its exciting and crazy stressful and fun.

And then sometimes in life, you miss it by 4 seconds--and its still great, because life is about working hard, setting goals and not always reaching them, but walking away knowing you gave it everything you had...over and over again.

What goals are you not reaching, but walk away satisfied?


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