The Green-eyed Monster

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I always forget this concept.  I think it's a fairly easy one to forget, actually.
Isn't it so easy to look around at others and see the things and ways in which they are seemingly "better" or "smarter", or more "talented", or more "beautiful", or more "skinnier" {I know, wrong tense, but I just like the way that sounds though}, or more "successful", or more "evolved", or....etc.....

What I fail to remember sometimes is that we are all on a different chapter, called our life.  Some just barely beginning the discovery of their book, others right in the middle, while others on their closing remarks.

Isn't it all about Perspective?

I think about where I am in my journey--what chapter am I on?  Am I progressing, and am I even in the right book sometimes?  Am I learning the lessons of the past and setting goals for my future?  Am I looking to others for inspiration or with envy?  Am I happy right where I am?

It's easy to get lost in all the details of life and forget that when we are focused on evolving ourselves, rather than outdoing others, we can keep things in perspective--and more importantly, find peace in whats right in front of us---our next chapter---while genuinely celebrating the successes of others.

What chapter do you wish you were on?  What chapter are you really on?  Where's your joy?


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