A Prego Belly

Monday, March 17, 2014

So often our prego belly's and bust line take on a life of their own...am I right?  Between managing a bra 4 times your normal size and figuring out how to cover-up your massive belly button---all while trying to stay below a 100 degree body temp it a real chore.  It gets exhausting and frustrating to find something to wear in the spring and summer months.  Sheer and light colored tops are not helpful either!

These side by side photos illustrate the "before"{left}, and "after" {right} effect of a VERSIE.  {nothing retouched}  You can see how a light colored shirt left to its own devices shows well, everything.  While, adding a VERSIE as a perfect foundation piece, you simply have a smoothing layer that covers lumps and bumps and adds a perfect slip to any maxi skirt or dress.

So, if your wondering if having a VERSIE slip will change prego mamma life for the better?  Well, lets just say, its a must-have!


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