Lay Your Foundation Friday. And Love It.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Do you ever feel like people just don't get you?
Or, sometimes like you don't even get yourself?

So often we get lost in the opinions of others, like somehow they matter more than our own.  We lose sight of our own uniqueness and extraordinary value.  We begin to look at ourselves from the outside--in, instead of the inside--out...and we begin to make choices to please others instead of being true to our own wants.

The power we give away to others always leaves us empty.  We will never get in return what we think we want or deserve from someone else.  The only way to gain and sustain real confidence and inner strength is through connecting and claiming our own strength, divinity and purpose.

Start there and when you are feeling a little stronger begin to share your divine strength--it's incredibly powerful -- more than any of us realize!

So commit to go, say, do and be--today and everyday.


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