Bye-Bye Bunchy-Bunch

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sometimes you just want to throw on a little dress with leggings and run to the big deal, just an easy and quick outfit to run errands. 

How many times have you seen, or experienced this "before" happening?
--A lumpy shirt under a dress that bunches and rolls up?
--A dress that bunches and sticks to your leggings with fabrics that aren't "compatible"?
--Or, trying to wear a slip that twists all around and gets lost somewhere on your torso?


No longer VERSIE babes.
We've got the answer to your struggles...
Say goodbye to the lumps, bumps and bunchy-bunch! Forever!

A VERSIE slip will forever change the way you dress.  Throw on a VERSIE -- the top is meant to show your fabulousness, and the bottom is meant to make your life so much easier.  We promise.


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