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Monday, May 27, 2013

I love good lighting.  The scale, shape and finish are so key to any good room design.  I love fixtures that are a tiny bit over-sized, so to add drama.  You always notice a disproportionate light fixture {either way too big--or an unfortunate, too, too tiny}.  So enjoy the luminous effect of good lighting...it feels really good.

lighting, yellow tulips, & gray cabinets with curtains.

Love this lanturn. Scale, color  www.versiebyanniem.blogspot.com

love these light fixtures!

drum chandelier

lighting. hyde. closet  www.versiebyanniem.blogspot.com

love this chandelier. scale. Bed-divine.

And since we're on the topic...indulge me a moment.
You know the old saying, "misery loves company"?  Well, I hate to say it {out loud}, but it's true.

Misery does love company.  {Stay with me here...}  And you know, why shouldn't it?  It really does make sense.  Negative people talk about negative things and, if you're feeling down and frustrated or disappointed--there's acceptance there.  It kind of feels good to commiserate...at least, in the moment.

But, before we get too far down depression lane--I would like to mention that the opposite methodology works like a charm.

It's unbelievable.  Light attracts light, or better said, light cleaveth unto light.  I've spent some time thinking about this situation.  I've been on both sides of the spectrum, for sure.  Here's what I've found.  It's pretty simple.  When I am in or around negative conversations, it totally drains my energy.  It is literally exhausting.  I leave tired, unsettled and grouchy.  Nothing has been fixed or solved.  It's actually really discouraging.

Yet, on the other hand, when I am in super positive conversations, about anything really, it just feels good.  It feels better.  I leave feeling like I want to be better.  I actually love that.  I crave that now.  I look for opportunities to have positive interactions....whether it's complimenting someone, looking for the good in a given situation or focusing on acknowledging the many blessings in my life and others.  It just feels right, and I like it.

So, I've often said--"I'm tired of listening to myself complain" {literally and figuratively}, and then, I decided this---If I find myself complaining about something, either do something about it or be quiet.  And so, I will.

Now, go be the light that everyone wants to cleave to.  Flip the switch.


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