Thursday, May 23, 2013

Street Style from NYFW:Mixing the patterns

muted leopard print pants

that chair hair

Colorful and not overdone.

leopard coat

Gold Metallic Cheetah Zip iPad Case

Someday, when I'm a crazy old lady, I will indulge myself in a batshit mad leopard print sofa.

Haute Hippie Cheetah Print Fur Jacket

cheetah leopartd lucite tray diy

Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print

Leopards me-ow--don't they?  

So, I'm sort of partial to my leopard prints. And you know, why not?  Always timeless.  Classic.  Sophisticated.

Now, if you're like me, you can be a bit obsessive with the things that you love.  So, a word of caution--you can have too much of a good thing.  Be careful.  There is a fine line between stunning and scary in a blink.

I like to do leopard  like this...large pieces {jackets, pants and dresses or sofas and chairs} pair with solids.  Keep the look really clean and sophisticated.

When using leopard in smaller pieces {shoes, tops, handbags, belts and scarves or pillows, lampshades and trays} get a little adventurous--pair them with fun prints or large stripes, and use the leopard as a pattern accent.  It becomes unexpected and adds a layer of richness and sophistication.

And lastly, two things.  #1- Use a discerning eye when buying leopard pieces.  I have found fantastic pieces {from Target to Neimans}, but more often I come across ones not so, choose wisely.  #2 - Never, Never pair two leopard pieces together.  They never match--even if they are the same, I promise.{Unless they are throw pillows, in which case, I will allow}.  

So, how will you channel your inner feminine feline?...In your home or out and about or both?...Me-ow.


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