Tie her up with a Bow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This girl?  Well, she's my girl.  And I'm her mom.

Let's just say, I'm pretty lucky.  And luck doesn't even describe the gift that she is to me.  She is my oldest, a joy, a blessing and my friend.

So, what's with a bow?  It actually was a creative fix to a sweater that was "too long" and was collecting dust in my girl's room.  We actually love using ribbon to change things up.  A well-used piece of ribbon can make an outfit fun, whimsical and different.

I like to buy a yard and half of pretty silk fabric and cut my own ribbon strips on the bias.  These cuts give you beautiful ribbon strips that stretch (because of the bias cut).  The edges are a little raw, but don't ever fray.  I can cut them all different thicknesses and use them on gift packages, necklaces and as darling ties.

Ready for a little change to give a big impact?  Tie a silk Bow.


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