Friday, May 3, 2013

Patterson Maker .so true

I believe everyone has the ability to be creative in their own way.  Some people crave or yearn for the opportunity to create daily (this would be me), whether it is in food, an outfit, writing, music, work, crafts, making a home, etc.  While others seem to be afraid, and decide they "aren't creative"--or have never viewed their lives as a creative experience.  I hear this often, and I just don't believe it.

We all have a sense or knowing of who we are on some level.  We respond to words and images and people that fill our souls and make us happy.  We feel it and we know it.   This is the beauty of our individuality.  We are divine.  We must connect with it.  If we choose to embrace it, then we can live a uniquely creative life...I love this message of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf...

Celebrate and honor what you discover, take baby steps, and trust the process.  You will find that everything you need is already inside you. Please don't worry about what anyone else is doing--the key is that you will always be different--Always (easier said, then done. Trust me, I know.)  But, that's how this thing works, and I promise, that's the best part about it.  You are you, and they are them. Period.

The exciting (and hard) part is actually doing the work and beginning the discovery process, BUT, what you will discover is that you are unique, and you will LOVE what emerges, immediately--I promise. promise.  I am doing it and I couldn't be happier...in small ways, cause it doesn't happen all at once.

Baby Steps:

What do I like?  Make a list.
What makes me happy? (people, things, activities, etc)  Begin a collection of those things.
What can I connect with on a regular basis that brings creative joy?  Make a commitment to yourself.


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