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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Style Tip: Floral Print Pants. Mais em:  Patterns. Galore. Jetset collective by Farasha  #versiebyanniemPrints. Patterns. Galore  #versiebyanniemPrints. Patterns. Galore  #versiebyanniemPrints.  Patterns. Galore. oscar de la renta - spring 2013 #versiebyanniemPrints. Patterns. Galore.  #versiebyanniemPrints. Patterns. Galore. #versiebyanniem From crossingislandcool.tumblr.comPrints. Patterns. Galore. Cider can label. #versiebyanniemPrints. Patterns. Galore. #versiebyanniem Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 #NYFWPrints. Patterns Galore. #versiebyanniem Patterns. Galore. #versiebyanniem Deer Valley Antler DamaskPrints Patterns Galore. #versiebyanniem vintage car + red rosesAlexander Terekhov Fall 2012 Collection
Prints. Patterns. Galore.  Love this vintage valentino 1970 -71#versiebyanniem

Patterns make me happy.  Mixing patterns makes me really happy.
I love the complexity of layering patterns.  Its bold.  Its daring.  Its exciting.

Not to mention, it requires confidence.  And most of must to be done correctly.

Mixing patterns is not just hap-hazzardly throwing 2 or 3 printed pieces together. No.

Mixing patterns is much like layering patterns in interior design.  Scale, color and weight are of serious consideration.

Study how these outfits work.
1.  Super large prints require a solid pairing to give it drama.  Color consideration and embellishments are the way to make large pattern exciting, different and fun.
2.  Medium prints can be paired with tinier prints.  This creates interest and texture that balance each other.
3.  Medium prints can also be paired with other medium prints, as long as they are complimentary.
4.  Stripes pretty much go with everything.  I love the strength that a stripe gives.

So, how daring are you?  What's your confidence level?--get some inspiration and take a chance in your home and in your wardrobe...I guarantee those compliments will come rolling in.


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