Kitchen Sink Inspirations

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How many hours of my life have I spent at my kitchen sink?  Let's just say, a significant amount--with many hours still ahead of me.  So, since I especially love kitchen design, I thought I might share some to inspire....sophisticated, bright, elegant and inviting....Enjoy.

home sweet home :)


Modern Farmhouse Sink w/ Marble Backsplash  -->

love the island and sink  traditional kitchen by Bradford Design LLC  #versiebyanniem

As I think about all the time spent in the kitchen, I have a question: (mostly because I'm an analyzer...)

Is it just me, or is there something about that kitchen sink and getting divine inspiration?  So, I noticed about six months ago that while I am washing dishes and just sort of "free thinking"---I seem to get impressions, answers to questions I have been contemplating and much needed guidance.   Sometimes it comes in the form of just peace and contentment.  Other times I seem to have thoughts that just pop into my head--much needed answers.  While often I get clarity on a situation I have been struggling with...So I am wondering, is washing the dishes and wiping down counters the time when I am most "in-tune"?  Or is that the place that I spend most of my time?  Oooor, is that one of the blessings of serving my family?


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