Are slips back in style?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've noticed for quite sometime {several years, actually} that slips were pretty hard to come by in stores.  Not to mention, even more scarcely used at *opportune*, I started to wonder....have slips gone out of "style"?  I mean, slips seem to be, in many ways a matter of function, not fashion.

The evolution of a slip is interesting.  Necessary in every girl and woman's wardrobe until about the 70's.  The introduction of more pants, and freer flowing dresses moved women away from the traditional petticoat.  Over the years, a slip became less and less frequent evolving into clothing manufactures adding linings and slips into clothing--so an obvious lack of demand occurred.

But, regardless of the history of a slip--one thing my mother taught me was to always do a "light" check before leaving the house.  This was to make sure that when I was in the sunlight, I would not be that girl....
Are slips back in style?  I hope so.... #versie #versiebyanniem #versieslip
{Oh dear, Jen--2011.  I m sure glad this wasn't me.  My mom would have killed me.} 

Now a days, literally the last few months, my how things are changing....I have been noticing a ton on intentional slip use, and I like it.  It's feminine. I'ts really classy and sophisticated, if it's done correctly.  Louis Vuitton and Valentino are some major designers that were using lace on hems to add the look of a slip, but an updated version.  I love it.

Love this slip showing....Blake Lively in Valentino #versiebyanniem #slip

layered with a showing slip to add texture and styling elements.

So, if sophisticated femininity is your goal...I think you know what to do.  If you want to be daring and try something fashion forward, add a little more interest right along that hem line--a pretty slip will work like a dream.

You are a vision, already...because a lady always wears a slip.


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