Annieism #2 - The Key to Success in Life

Monday, May 13, 2013


My husband would say I can never make up my mind.  I would say, I know exactly what I want.  Where in lies the difference?  Annieism #2--Communication: The Key to Success in Life.

Now, clearly I am not an expert, as many people in my life can attest.  But, what I have become keenly aware of recently, is invaluable.  Communication really does equal success.  Success in relationships with spouses, children, friends and family.  Success in business relationships.  Success in teaching.  Success in connecting with God.  So basically, success!  Now, let me clarify what success means to me, which is not defined by money, control or power or nanny-nanny-boo-boo.  Success means an effective connection.  It is the way you show your respect, love and honor of another person and their time.  It is the way you focus on someone else being more important than yourself.  Not because you want something from them, but because you respect them.

So, here's a few foibles I've come across.  I forget to return texts, or emails or I forget to communicate that I am running late.  Sometimes I forget to be nice to my own family.  Occasionally, I forget to say my prayers...what's the big deal?  Well, it's that whole success thing we just went over--I start loosing the respect and love of the people in my life that I actually care most about.  {Dangit}

So, I guess I could say, my husband is right in some cases because I don't always tell him what I am really thinking.  But, I can say too, that I do know exactly what I want--because when I am more focused on caring about those around me, and less focused on myself...Bam! Success!

I love it when I get out of my own way.

Is communicating better the key to unlocking a tricky relationship in your life?  {...that just might lead to some success?}  Try it out.


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