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Friday, May 10, 2013

full skirt with a gray sweatertuck it in....Street Style | Tulle Skirt #versiebyanniemtuck it in....floral skirts  #versiebyanniem
Tuck it in....plaid and floral  #versiebyanniemtuck it in....#versiebyanniem
Tuck it in....pencil red skirt with timeless blouse + polka dot clutch = playful update on a classic :) #versiebyanniemtuck it in....chambray or denim + pleated skirt #versiebyanniem
Tuck it in....Designer, Stella Jean....love the print w a button down! #versiebyanniem"No shortage of color here." Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 RTW

Loving the tuck in right now...Well, I'm pretty sure I have always loved this look.  

So, here's the deal.  If you are super curvy and have a short waist (that's me!), proceed with caution on the tulle or super full skirts--they can add a few pounds to your lower half in a blink, but if you can pull this off, go for it!

But a pencil skirt with a tucked in blouse is extremely flattering to a woman's body--no matter your size.  It is always sophisticated, which, if you haven't noticed, I am quite partial to, and not to mention super feminine.  Here's a few tricks to getting this look to work for you...simple:  make sure that the waistband is at your natural waist.
Q: What's your natural waist?
A:  Its the tiniest part of your torso.
{Note:  When you wear a pencil skirt, it is not meant to sit on your hips.  Why?  #1 it looks crazy and  #2 it throws off the proportions that makes this look work so well}

There's only one problem with this...and really, what I struggle with is this....how do I avoid that bum line?? You know what I'm talking about--that line across your bum from your shirt being tucked in.   You know you either have had it, or you have been walking behind someone who has it.  Am I Right?  Sometimes it's a straight line, other times its an all crazy tangled up mess on their back end.  Right?

Now, I don't know about you, but I am not trying to draw any more attention to that region than necessary.  So, what's the solution to getting rid of that bum line?  Any suggestions?


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