Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The power of one #theywillbeheard
BYU Women's Conference 2013
My new friend who saved my day

So often I get bogged down with getting things done.  Cleaning the house, laundry-ugh, making that phone call, writing that email, exercising, getting up early, preparing that lesson...I could go on.  But I am learning, it's just taking that one step in the right direction everyday.  Sometimes I decide to make a better choice on my own, and other times its the goodness in others that teach me.  While often times, it's seeing the hand of God in my life each day.

When I focus on using the Power of One principle, I am always moving in the right direction.  Whether I am  a part of a group united in one purpose, or the recipient of one act of kindness.  I am acknowledging the One.  Sometimes for me in everyday life, its taking one step in the right direction, deciding to match those socks, plan a meal or write in my journal.  I don't need to do everything.  I just need to do the One.

One step in the right direction and making a better choice can lead to powerful things.  One moment, One word or One decision can change a relationship, your heart or your future.

Choose one area in your life, choose one thing to work on, and choose one thing to do each day.  Watch what happens.

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