A Woman's Closet

Friday, May 31, 2013

What is it about closets, and especially a woman's closet?  Is it the symmetrical lines, or rows of orderly clothes and special shelves for shoes?  Is it the familiarity of those things that are a part of our everyday life.  Is it that space in our home, that is uniquely our own?

Closets are those small spaces that have a really important job and, really, the many variations on how to keep our personal things orderly is endless....I am always inspired.

Our closets are one of our most private spaces.   I know for me, I have had creative bursts in my closet,  I think in my closet sometimes, I've shed tears in my closet out of desperation and frustration, I hide presents in my closet, and I've argued with my husband in our closet--so let just say, I'm pretty sure those walls have seen it all.  Literally.

But really, how we keep our closets are a reflection of where we are in our lives--for good or not so good.  Sometimes chaotic {o.k., o.k., for me a lot of the time}, or orderly, or somewhere in between...

What is your closet saying about you?--Whew. You are one busy lady? Or something else?


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